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Top Scientists

This page reviews the scientists who have contributed work-product, in terms of scholarly scientific articles, in the peer-reviewed literature in the field of criminal psychopathy.   All rankings were completed using google scholar citations (last updated 03.27.14).

The top Psychopath Professors are:

Dr. Robert D. Hare is the world-wide leading authority on psychopathy.  He has nearly 32,000 citations to his life’s work.  He is also the leading citation leader in the last five years, despite the fact he is technically retired.

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Dr. Paul Frick is a leading authority on callous/unemotional traits (i.e., pre-psychopathic traits) in children.

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Dr. Adrian Raine is a top researcher in psychopathy.  His work also covers many other areas including antisocial behavior generally and criminal behavior in particular.

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Dr. James Blair is a noted authority on psychopathy and anxiety disorders.

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Dr. Joseph Newman is best known for his research on attentional processes in psychopathy.

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Dr. Kent Kiehl is author of the recent book The Psychopath Whisperer:  The science of those without conscience.   Dr. Kiehl specializes in the neuroscience of psychopaths.

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Top Psychopathy Researchers (under the age of 50).


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