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Nonfiction books represent one of the most important methods of communicating science to the public.

There are many ways to rank order nonfiction books and it can be quite difficult to sort thru which books are solid, accurate scientific works.    Our recommendation is that readers should start by reading nonfiction books published by experts in the field.

Here we list books published by the best Psychopath Professors.


Top Books in Psychopathy


410FmyOdB2L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Kiehl, K.A. (2014). The Psychopath Whisperer:  The science of those without conscience.  Crown Press.  New York.

The latest science of psychopaths, written for the general public.






Blair, R.J.R., Mitchell, D., & Blair, K. (2005).  The Psychopath:  Emotion and the brain.  Blackwell Publishing.   New York, NY.

Google scholar ranking:  477 (as of 03.27.14).

Written more for scientists than the general public.





without concience

Hare, R.D. (1995).  Without Conscience:  The disturbing world of psychopaths among us.  Guildford Press.   New York.

Google scholar ranking:  1406 (as of 03.27.14).

A very readable book.  Highly recommended.





maks of sanity

Cleckley , H. (1982/1976/1965/1941).  The Mask of Sanity.   Mosby Press.   St. Louis.

Google scholar ranking: 4046 (all editions, as of 03.27.14).

The Mask of Sanity is one of the most important clinical summaries of psychopaths ever written.  It formed the basis for how scientists assess psychopathic traits today.

The writing is excellent, but the prose is hard to understand in places.

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