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“Researcher: Brains of dangerous youth underdeveloped” KOAT CHANNEL 7 NEWS

Nancy Laflin, a reporter from KOAT channel 7 news, interviewed Dr. Kent Kiehl  this week regarding his research with juveniles.  Dr. Kiehl and his research team at the Mind Research Network have discovered that the brains and minds of kids who commit violent crimes are structured differently than kids with a non-violent background.  These structural differences suggest that the brains of the juveniles are 5 to 10 years underdeveloped. READ MORE

New research reveals brain differences in youth who commit homicide (UNM NEWSROOM)


The University of New Mexico Newsroom wrote an article about a new study conducted by Dr. Kent Kiehl at The Mind Research Network (MRN) in Albuquerque.  They study found that youth 12 to 18 who commit homicide have very different brains than other serious juvenile offenders who have not committed a homicide.  They cite Dr. Kent Kiehl’s future outlook on decreasing crime rate from this study and how it may change the laws view on psychopathy and psychosis.  READ MORE