“It’s All in the Mind Y’know: Uses and Misuses of Neuroscience in Law”

This week a fascinating discussion is taking place at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA.  Dr. Kent Kiehl, David Faigman and Professor Amanda Pustilnik are discussing the wide-ranging challenges posed by the use of contemporary neuroscience in the courtroom. For example, “Is neuroscience ready for courtroom use?, or does brain imaging permit us to measure a person’s feelings, thoughts, and intentions?, or can jurors understand and effectively weigh neuroscientific evidence?” READ MORE


Jean Emerson, reporter of K5 NBC news in Washington recently reported on Dr. Kiehl’s most recent findings. He expressed throughout the years Dr. Kiehl and his team have taken their mobile MRI to eight prisons in Texas and New Mexico and more than 3500 inmates have gone through it. His brain research has zeroed in on the amygdala, a structure involved in decision making and emotional response. “There’s this whole part of the limbic system that runs right here. And this is the part that we’re really interested in studying in psychopathy,” said Dr. Kiehl.

“Researcher: Brains of dangerous youth underdeveloped” KOAT CHANNEL 7 NEWS

Nancy Laflin, a reporter from KOAT channel 7 news, interviewed Dr. Kent Kiehl  this week regarding his research with juveniles.  Dr. Kiehl and his research team at the Mind Research Network have discovered that the brains and minds of kids who commit violent crimes are structured differently than kids with a non-violent background.  These structural differences suggest that the brains of the juveniles are 5 to 10 years underdeveloped. READ MORE

“School Shooters: The First Step in Protection, Who Are They?” FORBES

In a recent Forbes piece Prosecutor Marcia Clark comments on the nation’s epidemic of school shootings and the relationship between psychopathy and violent behavior. Clark cites Dr. Kent Kiehl and his new book “The Psychopath Whisperer” and points out that the treatment program Kiehl discusses in his book may be one of the best chances for early detection and intervention for youth on a trajectory towards future violence.


“Can Psychopaths Be Cured?” REAL CLEAR SCIENCE

Again, Ross Pomeroy references Dr. Kent Kiehl in his most recent article, “Can Psychopaths be Cured?”.  Pomeroy clarifies the undiscovered cure for individuals diagnosed with psychopathy.   He quotes Dr. Kent Kiehl’s expertise within psychopathy and Kiehl’s hopeful future for efficacious treatments.  Also, he hopes treatments will be in positive correlation with decreasing homicide criminal rates.  Pomeroy discussed Dr.Kiehl most recent development, one of the first psychopathy treatment centers; Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center (MJTC) in Wisconsin.  The treatment center has been successful in decreasing youth criminal acts by 50% with MJTC by using the Decompression Model. READ MORE

“Was John Wilkes Booth a Psychopath?” REAL CLEAR SCIENCE

Writer Ross Pomeroy in a recent piece investigated the probable diagnosis of a past infamous killer, John Wilkes Booth as a Psychopath.  Pomeroy cites Dr. Kent Kiehl’s new book The Psychopath Whisperer with an  posthumous assessment of John Wilkes Book using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.  One by one through the checklist Pomeroy cites Kiehl’s book and expertise scoring John Wilkes Booth likeliness to be a psychopath or an empathetic individual that only wanted to change the pages of US history.                    READ MORE